HRDF 100 % Fully Claimable Adobe after effects Training Course

HRDF Claimable Adobe After Effects Training Course

HRDF Claimable Adobe After Effects Training Course Malaysia

Adobe After Effects is 2.5D animation software used for animation, visual effects, and composite movies. After Effects is used to create movies, TV shows, and web videos. The software is used in the post-production phase and has hundreds of effects that can be used to process the images. This allows you to merge video and image layers into the same scene. After Effects was developed in 1993 and has been purchased several times since then. The original developer, Science and Art Corporation (CoSA), created two versions with specific features that allow you to join layers and transform various properties of layers. Fact: The first version is actually only available on Macintosh computers made by Apple. Acquired by Aldus in 1994, just a year after its launch, the program has amazing new features like multi-machine rendering and motion blur. Adobe acquired this technology before the end of 1994 and still owns After Effects to this day. Since the introduction of After Effects, Adobe has released 50 different versions of its cutting-edge software, each with new features. Some versions are larger than others, but all versions show that Adobe made amazing software. In fact, the program won an Oscar for scientific and technological achievement in 2019. It shows how integrated and functional After Effects, all in this HRDF Claimable Adobe After Effects Training Course.

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Traditional entertainment, drawing frames for frames with physical media and/or creating cell animation in programs like Adobe Animate is considered a traditional art form of animation. Planning through a series of key poses and drawing in between is a tedious process, has several advantages for creativity, and some disadvantages when creating projects. When you think of traditional animation, you might think of some original Disney films like Aladdin and The Lion King. They are actually great examples of traditional animation practices. Disney GIF.gif Examples of hand-drawn animation from Disney Dynamic graphics Adobe After Effects uses a different method of creating motion. Dynamic Motion Graphics manipulates vector and raster images to create and tell stories. You can also combine physical media with photos and videos. After Effects uses a variety of tools, encodings, and user input to manipulate the media used in your project. You can move, rotate, zoom, rotate, etc. to transform images and videos. It seems a little difficult. Let’s look at a few cases and show a few examples to illustrate how After Effects is used to create an animated videos.